MicroInequities: At-A-Glance

MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ is a unique leadership training program designed to promote true diversity through an awareness of the effects of body language, spoken language, and cultural mores on productivity in the workplace.

The MicroInequities program is designed for companies that seek to move beyond traditional diversity training and break through to the next level of leadership and a truly inclusive workplace. It opens the door to what companies have sought for decades: an accessible employee development program with measurable bottom-line results. The program is available to any company around the world through Insight Education Systems.

   • The MicroInequities program reveals the gap between rhetoric and reality—what
      you think you are saying vs. what you’ve actually communicated.

   • Based on research conducted at MIT, which revealed that human behavior toward
      all groups is rooted in micromessages (many of which are negative), Stephen Young
      has designed and implemented a program that raises awareness of the
      micromessages people send as they go about their normal business day.

   • A central thread in the fabric of great leadership is the ability to inspire the
      performance of others across all diversity dimensions, cultural and geographic
      borders. This is accomplished through the micromessages we send.
      These micromessages, often MicroInequities, are the sole manifestation of
      unconscious bias.

   • MicroInequities — negative micromessages — can be further explained as small,
      subtle messages, frequently unconscious, that devalue, discourage, and ultimately
      impair performance in the workplace. These messages can take the shape of looks,
      gestures, or tones, nuance, inflection, inference and even the absence of a
      message can often be a message itself.

   • MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ is a program that can help erase the
      negative micromessages that erode organizations. It alerts senior-level executives
      and managers to the impact of a cumulative pattern of devaluing messages which
      impair employee performance and productivity. Negative micromessages lead to low
      morale, absenteeism, and turnover. Employees may withdraw, question their own
      abilities, and possibly resign as a result of routine negative micromessages.

   • MicroAdvantages — positive micromessages — can encourage employees to commit
      to the company, feel more motivated and excel in their work. It is the purpose of
      MicroInequities: The Power of Small to teach people to utilize positive
      micromessages at all levels of a corporation.

   • MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ is a cutting-edge tool for effecting change
      in corporate cultures. It delivers critical concepts and skills that carry over instantly
      when participants return to the workplace.