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Insight Education Systems provides leadership and organizational development consulting services for businesses at all stages of diversity development. Our consulting services and groundbreaking seminars assist corporate clients in developing actionable approaches that drive rapid organizational change.

Insight Education’s programs blend the essentials of Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion education as a cornerstone to the fundamental elements of effective leadership at all levels within an organization. These solutions enable clients to achieve an inclusive corporate culture that unlocks the potential of every employee.

Our products provide solutions for corporations who seek to move beyond traditional diversity and leadership training and to break through to behaviors that can lead to a truly inclusive workplace.

Insight Education’s flagship product, MicroInequities: The Power of Small™, gets to the DNA of culture change and has become the new paradigm for diversity. MicroInequities tend to be unconscious expressions of bias. These subtle messages, sent either consciously or unconsciously, can reveal more about the true nature of a relationship than the surface words alone. They function as the core of how unconscious bias is communicated and how workplace inclusion is experienced. It reveals the effects of micromessages in the workplace and delivers critical concepts and skills that carry over instantly when participants return to the workplace.

Participation in this program dramatically improves the corporate culture and promotes behaviors that drive performance and are hard wired to a business's bottom line.

        The Power
          of Small™
MicroInequities are
  expressions of bias
"Unconscious Bias is an intangible state of mind. One cannot "do" an unconscious bias.
The only way it is manifested and managed is through the MicroMessages we send."

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